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About Us

We are a free online community bringing together NGOs/Nonprofits and their partners with the Continuous Improvement and Innovation Community.

Our Mission is to improve, accelerate and scale our collective ability to sustain our planet and all those living on it. 

Elements of the LeanAgileNGO community, includes NGOs and Nonprofits and members of the global Lean Agile and Devops Community

LeanAgileNGO Community

We achieve this through:

  • Connection

    • LinkedIn Group - Lean and Agile Thinking for NGOs and Nonprofits

    • Facebook Group to reach a broader audience - coming soon

  • Learning

    • Online Library​

    • Free Training specially for NGOs and Nonprofits

    • Free training from Lean4NGO partners

  • Collaboration - Post and Reach out to:

    • ​Ask questions

    • Make connections

    • Share stories and lessons learned

    • Learn and Grow together

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Steve Bell, Lean4NGOFounder
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